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Spring Cleaning

2d Frustration Platformer

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About the project:

Take the place of a floppy, slippery, springy toy slinky lost in a disastrously cluttered bedroom! Climb a scattered drum set, scale precarious bookshelves, and slink through a cramped dollhouse in your quest to get back to the toybox. But make sure to bring a knack for evasiveness and a resolute will - you'll need both to dodge the deadly floor spider and withstand your own frustration.

Timeline: September 2020 - August 2021

Website: Download game here!

Role: Co-Director, Designer

Tools: Unity 3d, Figma, Procreate, Discord


Designers/Directors: Cameron Williams & Natalia Godoy

Sound: Pablo Delgado, Raydee99,  and Michelle Lugo; with musicians Alyssa Fabian, megalolaneya, Melissa Haley, and FutureYou.

UX Testing: Lane Alexander, Melody Wang, and Moose Sabharwal.


Spring Cleaning

UI Kit & Screens